Graylyn Press is a publishing company specializing in helping first-time or established authors bring their books to life in a step-by-step painless process. 

We'll start with a free consult to see where you are in the writing process. Graylyn offers a mix and match experience or the whole nine yards. So, if you already have your cover, editor and just need some formatting or a proof, we can help. If you're completely overwhelmed, we can help you get more comfortable.


Whether you have a small budget or a big budget, we'll help you create the masterpiece you've envisioned.  

Graylyn is a hybrid publishing company vs. a traditional publishing company, but the result is the same. We can get you the full distribution you want or simply focus on one retailer, like Amazon. WE ONLY CHARGE FOR SERVICES RENDERED. WE DO NOT TAP INTO YOUR PROFIT MARGIN. Please be aware of such publishers. 

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