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About and not about

Graylyn Press is a family-owned and operated publishing company/ad agency in the U.S. specializing in helping authors bring their books to life through a step-by-step painless process. Owners, Adam and Heather Slawecki, have over 50 years of combined experience working in advertising and have leveraged their resources in design, copywriting, proofreading, editing, formatting and promoting. Heather adds her experience as an award-winning author to help coach and guide. 


Create your own experience

Use Graylyn for all of your mix-and-match needs, or we can put a complete package together that won't break your bank. No two books are alike, so how could the process be? Check out our "Book Packages" for an idea of how reasonable it can be to get the end-product you deserve. Our "Premade Cover Deals" and "Social Media Ad" examples demonstrate our skills and versatility. 


So, if you already have your cover or editor and just need some formatting or a proof, we can help. If you're completely overwhelmed, we get it! That's what we're here for.


Expect total transparency

Graylyn is a hybrid publishing company vs. a traditional publishing company, but the result is the same. We can help you get the full distribution you want or simply focus on one retailer, like Amazon. Because we're here to be part of the solution for authors, not the problem, WE ONLY CHARGE FOR SERVICES RENDERED. WE DO NOT TAP INTO YOUR PROFIT MARGIN. Most ask for 30% of your royalties and offer zero help promoting. That's not what we're about. In fact, we're not about cranking out massive amounts of books and a bad experience; we're focused on personal attention. 

Looking for an opportunity?

We work with proofreaders and editors on a freelance basis. If you're a freelancer, and would like to be added to our list of resources, please fill out the contact form, and we'll get back to you. We are in the process of growing our business and would love to extend our reach to match the needs of our clients.

Free consult

Set up a pressure-free consult to ask questions. We will NEVER try to talk you into any service, package or otherwise. We're here to simply tell you about us and what we offer.

If you have questions, just send us an email

and we'll get back to you within one business day.

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