Once you have your manuscript where you want it, we'll help make it look great! We take our time and format every chapter, which gives us time to read it. Therefore, you get a free extra set of eyes. Choose a traditional option or let us customize your headings with art work to match your cover. When we're finished, we'll generate files for print, Kindle, Nook, Google Play and Apple Books. All yours to submit yourself, or let us do that part too.


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The last thing an author needs to do is spend upwards to a thousand dollars on formatting. Our prices are simple and the quality is exceptional. 100% Guaranteed.

Revisions are free in most circumstances.

Up to 50,000 words


50,000 - 110,000 words


Every 10,000 words after

Add $15

Please note: We can add artwork, images and illustrations for a little extra, but we do not format colored picture books or format textbooks, business journals, or any book that requires flowcharts or would require us to create complex illustrations.