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Social Media Ads & Videos

We format for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We offer flat designs and three dimensional. Keep in mind, we may need your cover files, either pdf, png, JPEG or PS depending on the project. If your book is already done, and the spine will be shown, we'll need the art work for that as well. If not, we'll create it. There are literally hundreds of possibilities. Just email us with anything you you have in mind.


If you'd like to see several options, we'll create three ads to choose from for $99. Keep all three for $125!

Custom designs from


To set the right mood for your genre, we'll find just the right image or design to make your book pop! 

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More detailed 


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Whether you're looking for a video with lots of action or just want enough effect to catch the eye as people scroll, we can help make the magic happen.

We'll make sure your video is formatted in the right size for any social media channel. 


with footage


Video designs