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Social Media and A+ Content

Your book is complete. Congratulations! That's the hard part, right? Sadly, no. But promoting can be very rewarding when done right. We can help you create a campaign to entice and target the right readers. Social media is one of the best ways to promote, especially for a long-term approach. Put your best foot forward with consistent messaging, from your book synopsis to your marketing to your A+ content (on Amazon). If you create a package with us, we'll do your A+ for just $50 and provide you with one static social media ad. A+ content varies, so contact us for a quote. We aim to keep it all affordable, no matter what the ask.

To see A+ content on Amazon, search your favorite authorsCLICK HERE to see this ebook.

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Static Ads

To set the right mood for your genre, we'll find just the right image or design to make your book pop! 

Map and Book Ad.jpg

Custom designs from


Images with no copy on them work great too!

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 1.38.12 PM.png
New Hardcover FB ad.jpg
FB Option 3.jpg
Mindless square FREE KU.jpg
Numb Square.jpg

Video Ads and Trailers

Whether you're looking for a video with lots of action or just want enough effect to catch the eye as people scroll, we can help make the magic happen. Trailers are great for launching and websites!

Video designs

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