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Predesigned cover deals with super, simple pricing!

While we specialize in creating custom covers and elements, we've created lots of great custom, predesigned options that are nearly ready to roll. (Yes, some of them are very specific, but we'll tweak them to make them yours). Add your personal cover details to the "add a note" section upon checkout. Please feel free to contact us beforehand to walk through your book details. We're all about communication here and getting your cover just right. Book covers are a reader's first impression, so you want to make a great one! 

All eBook covers have been created in a 6 x 9 format which can be changed if creating paperbacks or hardcovers.

To make it easy, we've created most options in the same range.  If you want us to complete your cover to paperback or hardcover, simply multiply the price by two! Once we have your details, we'll provide electronic layouts in the formats of your choice.

$75 + paperback = $150

$100 + paperback = $200

$120 + paperback = $220

You get the idea!

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