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Editing and Proofreading services

If you haven't had a professional editor go over your work (not just your spouse or friend with an English degree), you really need to invest in this stage. If you don't, some of the first reviews you'll receive will sound something like:

  • The story had potential, but I couldn't get beyond all the grammar errors and had to stop

  • The story was really complicated and could have used an editor

  • There were quite a few typos

  • The characters weren't developed enough for me to like them

  • The pace was too slow, and I only got to chapter 13 before I had to stop


Because the stage is often costly, we do offer multiple options to help. You've likely spent a lot of time and energy on writing, now it's time to put the shiny on it!


Take advantage of our cover and formatting packages listed as "premium" or "the works," and we'll proofread for errors as we format your book. We go the extra mile to make sure your book is in good shape. We look out for our clients because we want you to be successful. This won't cost you anything extra. However ... we will absolutely call you out on your book if it looks like you need an SOS. We will not perform heavy-duty lifting here. 


This is for the writer who has skills, has had one or more professional friends review the work, and has probably used Grammarly. You're pretty confident. You just need someone who will give you an unbiased review to make sure your plot or organization is flowing well and to help you tackle common errors.

It includes proofreading, catching typos and grammar errors, trimming sentences, removing repetition, and improving word choices.

$.013 per word with some flexibility


This is for the writer who wants/needs to improve their story or nonfiction work with more guidance and constructive criticism. Often this is done in several rounds and collaboration. Round one would involve reviewing your manuscript with a structural edit, identifying major problems and unnecessary fluff. We'll call out areas that could be improved, then bounce it back to you to improve as you see fit. It's your story, after all, and you may have great ideas for some of those weaker sections. Round two is when we sink our teeth in. You've done your work, and now it's our turn. We'll line-edit, rewrite sentences, improve word choices, organization, plotting, and pacing. Since there may have been lots of editing and collaborating through this process, your manuscript will likely need a final pass before you're ready for formatting. Round three is when we take it back to make sure we haven't missed any typos or grammar mistakes. The result will make you feel very confident and ready to publish your baby!

$.025 per word with some flexibility

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